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Changebase AOK Features

  • Compatibility Assessment – Identify compatibility issues before deploying an application to the target environment for accurate and informed decisions on timeframes and costs. Automatically assess application suitability for target environments to prioritize applications for relicensing, replacement and testing. Include nonstandard or legacy applications to test your entire inventory of applications for compatibility issues.
  • Microsoft Office Dependency Testing – Highlight potential issues for applications that will be integrated with Office 2007/2010. Identify dependencies on versions of Microsoft Office prior to 2007/2010 that may create issues and cause those applications to fail. Ensure application packages are compliant with Active Directory policies.
  • Auto-Fix Compatibility Issues – Resolve application compatibility issues pre-deployment with minimal manual effort, to avoid repeated assessment cycles and to substantially accelerate application delivery. Reduce post-migration support issues for a faster, less-costly and more thorough migration process than what is possible with competing solutions.
  • Ongoing Management – Take advantage of the latest Windows updates and patches through periodic automated re-evaluation of your application estate. Reduce security risks and speed deployment times by completing patch impact assessments within minutes. Introduce changes quickly, easily and reliably—with the highest degree of confidence.
  • Virtual Compatibility Assessment – Determine which applications you can virtualize within seconds and track for middleware dependencies, saving days of testing time.
  • Auto-Fix for Virtual Platforms – Evaluate applications for compatibility issues with target virtual platforms and repair them in just a few simple steps.
  • Automation of Corporate Packaging Standards – Test for issues related to in-house and packaging (MSI) standards and apply automated fixes to easily ensure compliance. Develop and customize QA checks and related remedies to achieve significant time and cost savings compared to manual checking.
  • Application Virtualization – Automatically virtualize your applications. Save time, avoid errors and meet demand faster versus manual conversions.
  • Browser Compatibility and Testing – Identify web site and web application compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8/9 and Firefox.
  • Application Readiness Dashboards – Leverage online dashboards that present graphs, charts, calculators, project status and next-step wizards,