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What is SystemGuard

SystemGuard tracks and analyses configuration repositories and resources used by the application and intercepts the use of these resources, redirecting them to the virtualized instances of the resources.

The Microsoft App-V Application Virtualization Platform‘s heart is SystemGuard, a patented technology which enables applications to run without installing them locally—and without altering the client‘s operating system.

SystemGuard eliminates common application deployment and management problems:

Application Conflicts: Almost any application will run on any client at any time.

Version Incompatibilities: Different versions of the same application will run simultaneously on the same computer.

Multi-User Access: Applications that were previously unable to run in multi-user mode and therefore could not run within Citrix MetaFrame or Windows Terminal Services, will now do so and function correctly for multiple users.

Multi-Tenancy Issues: Instances of the same application using different database paths will run on the same computer at the same time.

Server Siloing and N-Way Regression Testing: The need for many separate server farms and time-intensive regression testing for application conflicts is eliminated.