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Process for Creating InstalShield Response file (iss)

Here is an example of how to create the response file:

1.      Download the j2re1_4_0-win.exeinstallation bundle.
  1. Run the JRE installation bundle with the additional flags -a -r -f1"<path><filename.iss>“, where path is the path to filename.iss and filename.iss is the name you want to use for your setup.iss file. For example:
j2re1_4_0-win.exe -a -r -f1"C:\setup.iss"
Note that there is no space between -f1 and "<path><filename.iss>"
  1. Go through the install dialogs as normal, selecting the options that you want to be used in subsequent silent installs.
InstallShield will record all of your installation choices in your setup.iss file. This response file can be used later for the silent installation.

Here is an example of a response file:

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Response File
szDir=C:\Program Files\Java Plug-in 1.4
Name=Java Plug-in

Running InstallShield in Silent Mode

After you have created the response file, you are ready to run the installation in silent mode using InstallShield Silent. When running an installation in silent mode, be aware that no messages are displayed. Instead, you can request creation of a log file, which will record installation information, including if the installation was successful. You can review the log file to determine the result of the installation.
To launch InstallShield Silent, run your j2re1_4_0-win.exeinstall bundle with the flags -s -a -s -f1"<path><filename.iss>“, where path is the path to filename.iss and filename.iss is the name of your setup.iss file. If you want to register Plug-in with Internet Explorer and/or Netscape 6, include the -iexplorer and/or -netscape6 options in the command line. They can be in any order but must come after the -a and before the second -s. For example,

j2re1_4_0-win.exe -s -a -iexplorer -netscape6 -s -f1"<path><filename.iss>"

Note that there is no space between -f1and <path><filename.iss>.
If you are doing this from an MS-DOS shell, you may find it convenient to use the “start /w” command, as that will cause MS-DOS to wait until the install is complete. For example:

start /w j2re1_4_0-win.exe -s -a -s -f1"C:\setup.iss"

Creating a Log File

If you want to create a log file describing the installation, use the additional flag -f2"<path><filename.log>“. This will cause the log to be written to the filename.logfile. For example:

start /w j2re1_4_0-win.exe -s -a -s -f1"C:\setup.iss" -f2"C:\setup.log

Note that there should be no space between -f2 and "<path><filename.log>"
To verify if a silent installation succeeded, look at the ResultCode value in the [ResponseResult] section of setup.log. InstallShield writes an appropriate return value after the ResultCodekeyname.