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InstallAnyWhere response file generation Commands

To generate response file and perform installation/uninstallation for InstallAnyWhere setups, use following commands:

For creation of Response File: Setup.exe -r C:\FolderName\

Silent Installation using Response file

Installation Command using response file: Setup.exe -i silent -f FileName.Properties

Silent Uninstallation using response file

.Properties file can be found in the same location where uninstallation EXE is present, which can be used for silent uninstallation as follows:

C:\Program Files\AppName\UninstallFolder\Uninstall.exe -i silent -f UninstallFileName.Properties


InstallAnyWhere Silent installation Commands

To install/uninstall installanywhere setup with default options, use following silent switches:

For Installation: Setup.exe -i silent
For Uninstallation: C:\Program Files\AppName\UninstallFolder\Uninstall.exe -i silent