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JQuery Training by Matrix

jQuery training is meant for the web developers and website designers. You can use jQuery with all the web development technologies such as  PHP, JSP, ASP, .NET, CGI-PERL, Struts, JSF etc. So, jQuery training is equally important for web developers.

Pre-Requisites: Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript

Course Contents:

1)  Introduction

2)  jQuery basics

3)  jQuery selectors

  •       Id, class, element selectors

4)  jQuery call back functions

5)  jQuery DOM Attributes

6)  jQuery DOM Traversing

7)  jQuery CSS Methods

8)  jQuery DOM Manipulation methods

  • Content manipulation
  • DOM Element replacement
  • Removing DOM Elements
  • Inserting DOM Elements

9)  jQuery – Events Handling 

  • Event object
  • Event Helper methods
  • bind() and unbind()
  • live() and delegate()

10)   jQuery – Effects (Animations) 

  • jQuery Effect methods like hide(),show()
  • toggle(),slideDown(),slideUp(),slideToggle(), fadeIn(), fadeOut()
  • fadeTo()
  • jQuery custom animations

11)   jQuery – Ajax 

  • load()
  • get() and post()
  • getJSON()
  • ajax() 

12)  Form validation using jQuery 

  • Basic form validation
  • Custom validations

13)   jQuery UI Plugin

    i)         Interactions

      Draggable, Droppable, Resizeable, Selectable, Sortable

    ii)        Widgets

      Accordion, Datepicker, Progressbar, Dialog, Slider, Tabs

    iii)       Effects

     iv)        Add Class, Remove class, Toggle class, Switch class, hide, show , toggle, color animation


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