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AppV Per-Package File System Container Volumes

The per-package file system container volumes store changes that are made to packages made by users or system processes.  These changes allow for users and the machine to make setting and configuration changes to the base package, without affecting it.  These changes are stored in several PKG files that are described below.  The files are individual for each package and stored in unique directories that are created by combining the Package Root directory name where the package was installed on the sequencer and the first portion of the package GUID.  An example for Microsoft Office 2007 where the Package Root is OFF2K7.V1 and the package GUID for office is 5C99B562-F61F-4009-AB16-B38E16093AE4the resulting directory would be OFF2K7.V1-5C99B562-F61F-4009.  Two directories for each package will be created, one for the user’s profile and one for the machine at the following locations:
Windows XP
·         Per-user at:  %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\SoftGrid Client
·         Per-machine at:  All Users\Documents\SoftGrid Client\AppFS Storage
Windows Vista
·         Per-user at: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\SoftGrid Client\ and %userprofile%\AppData\Local\SoftGrid Client\
·         Per-machine at:  Public\Documents\SoftGrid Client\AppFS Storage
NOTE:  Due to changes in profiles in Windows Vista a third directory is created for the temporary version of the PKG file while the application is in use.
The following description of the files describes how data is populated into these files and will be covered in further detail in a Package and Data Management section of this document.

User Location

The usrvol_sftfs_v1.pkgfile contains user-specific files that are modified or new files that are created by any user process in the virtual environment.  This volume also contains the virtual environment configuration as modified by the user.

System Locations

UsrVol_sftfs_v1.pkgcontains new or modified user-specific data from a system process that is not associated with a specific user context but is associated with a specific package.
GlblVol_sftfs_v1_<SID>.pkgcontains application-specific files that are modified by any user process in the virtual environment.  The SID of the user is appended to the volume name to uniquely identify it.
GlblVol_sftfs_v1_S-1-5-20.pkgcontains any application-specific data that is modified by a system process.  The well-known SID for system is appended to the volume.  In SoftGrid 4.0 and 4.1, this volume was used for all modified application data; in 4.2 and 4.5 modifications are separated into those made by system processes such as the Listener, and those made by user application processes.  User modifications go instead to the Application Data Isolation Volume.  The global package volume also contains the virtual environment configuration for system processes.