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MountPoint vs VFS Sequencing

There are two ways you can sequence an application. They are Mount point sequencing and VFS sequencing .
Mount Point Installation

                Installing an application to a folder in Mount point is considered to be an efficient way of sequencing application. A deeper look at the scanning operation performed during the sequencing operation would help us better comprehend the advantages of mount point installation.
As the application is installed to a mount point (Q:\), only required files are monitored by the sequencer. The tax on the sequencer to scan the entire C:\ is hugely removed in this case there by making it easily the efficient way to sequence an application.

VFS Installation

            Nonetheless, there are applications which refuse to install to a location other than C:\ (Virtual File System). Under these circumstances, the entire hard disk is scanned for system changes, making it much slower than mount point installation. Also, scanning the entire hard disk for changes would result in capturing files that are not actually used by the application.

From the above points, it is evidently visible that Mount point installation is the preferred method to sequence an application compared to VFS installation