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How OSD script runs

How the script runs

The new TIMEOUT attribute determines the following:

  • Whether the App-V (SoftGrid) client waits for the script to finish
  • The period that the App-V (SoftGrid) client will wait for the script to finish

For backward compatibility, the WAIT attribute is still supported in Microsoft App-V 4.x and in Microsoft SoftGrid 4.x

Set these attributes as follows:


    • TIMEOUT=x
      The client will wait x seconds for the script to finish before the client returns an error.
    • TIMEOUT=0
      The client will wait indefinitely for the script to finish.


    • Wait=False
      The client will continue without waiting for the script to finish.
    • Wait=True
      The client will not start the next step until the script finishes.


  • The client does not support a pre-shutdown event. You cannot determine the exact moment at which a user will perform a shutdown. For example, you cannot predict when the user will clickClose or when the user will press ALT+F4.
  • You can use scripts in any language. However, the language must be installed locally on the client computer.